Profession – 2020 Hindsight – casting an eye over this year


2020 Hindsight – Casting an eye over this year

Cet article a été publié à l’origine dans le numéro de décembre 2020/janvier 2021 du Foundry Trade Journal.

Foundry Trade Journal editor Lynn Postle muses over 2020 and what it has meant for the global cast metals industry.


As to be expected in these challenging times for the world, foundry production rates have decreased in all regions, with a decline in automotive production and the temporary paralysing of normal life following extreme lockdown measures earlier in 2020, which saw many manufacturing facilities dramatically reduce activities to meet various national legislative requirements imposed in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Following the monumental adjustment that business and societies had to make in the first and second quarters of the year (depending on location), the summer months saw a slight improvement, which continued into autumn, but a lack of confidence has re-emerged as countries react to further waves of coronavirus with continued restrictions creating yet more uncertainty.



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