Article – Effect of austempering time on wear behavior of AGI


The microstructure and wear behavior of copper alloyed austempered gray iron (AGI) have been investigated as functions of austempering time. Wear tests specimens were prepared from as-cast gray iron, isothermally austempered at a constant temperatures for varying lengths of austempering time.
The resulting microstructures were evaluated through optical microscopy and X-Ray diffraction (XRD) analysis. The wear tests were carried out using a block-onroller multi-tribotester machine.
The wear and coefficient of friction (COF) behaviour of all the tested austempered samples were corelated with their microstructure.
Cumulative wear loss and COF appears to be dependent on the volume fraction of austenite and its carbon content.

ART_TNF05_On wear behavior of AGI_01 ART_TNF05_On wear behavior of AGI_02 ART_TNF05_On wear behavior of AGI_03