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Professional Field Research

Location :


Mission :

The upstream R&D engineer will be integrated in the R&D upstream process team to support existing skills (solidification in continuous casting, hot rolling). The candidate will have to develop and secure all skills necessary to provide plants with best in class support to speed up any upstream process issues, related to elaboration and by-products management, in order to increase Aperam’s profitability toward competition. Competence involved are linked to thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, metallurgy, partnerships coordination and project management. Communication easiness is very important as technical expertise can be valuated only with the ability to transfer to the customers and operations teams.
Tasks include :


Develop solutions for mixte reduction :


  • Tune current process to reach optimum point between economical
    performance and level of quality expected
  • Fasten semi-automatic characterization of inclusions and their
    impact on quality
  • Modellng of slag practices with focus on levers to pilot the
  • Ensure good slag stabilization to decrease flux costs while
    reaching expectations regarding environmental issues

Other technical projects :

  • Benchmark new coming process innovation (sensoring)
  • Stabilized ferritic grades : complete descritption and modeling of
    mechanisms relating elaboration to clogging vs roping
  • Innovation ternary metallurgy processing : give parameters to
    achieve best performance (cost, quality)
  • New product industralization :
    §  Leverage toplines elaboration process to fasten time to market by
    defining optimum setting points

    §  Adapt characterization methodology

    §  Following-up of actions

  • Recyco : decrease production cost of ferro-alloys by focusing on
    raw materials sourcing and melting strategies.
  • By-Product :
    §  Identify and pilot proof of concept of new ways to increase
    Aperam’s profitiability

    §  Benchmark new trends

Technical support to customers :

  • Technical support to customer: answer quality and process
    evolutions questions, manage industrial trials
  • Leader on by-product and elaboration technical projects

Scientific involvement in lab activities :

  • Development of methodology for non-metallic inclusions and slags
  • Development of methodology to assess slag stabilization efficiency
  • Development of slag-metal exchange models
  • Represent Aperam in the Chaire Metal Liquid held at Institut Jean
    Lamour (Nancy)

The job includes matricial management.

Travel business : 40% in steeplants (Belgium)



Knowledge and expertise :

  • As open innovation and external technical sourcing are true needed
    values, ability to steer external and transversal projects will be
    carefully looked at
  • Matricial working and project management ability
  • Recognized competence in human management
  • French and english compulsory, flamish would be appreciated

Education et formation :

  • Materials, chemistry and thermodynamics have to be part of the
    educational cursus
  • Strong interest for liquid metal elaboration
  • Result orientation profil
  • Team-working spirit and skills in communication.

Experience :

  • 3 to 5 years experience inc. part in industrial or related fields
    of elaboration and slag processing expertise.


Contact :