Article – New High Strength 3xx Series Alloy Case Study

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New High Strength 3xx Series Alloy Case Study : Automotive Wheel Weight Reduction.

Francis BRETON
Rio Tinto Aluminium, usine de Arvida Research and Development Centre, Saguenay, Quebec, Canada


A356.2 and 357.2 are the most commonly used aluminum alloys in the foundry industry. They provide medium to high strength with excellent fluidity and corrosion resistance. Higher strength variants can be associated with the formation of coarse iron-bearing constituents which have a negative impact on strength and ductility. Specific alloying additions were made to A356.2 and 357.2 to eliminate the β and π phase formation and, as a result, improved the strength/ductility ratio. The influence of part thickness on mechanical properties and iron phase morphology was studied.

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